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Grow your business with Google Discovery Ads

  • Reach up to 3 billion shoppers
  • Inspire action with beautiful ads
  • Easily scale with what you've got

Discovery ads put your products in front of shoppers on the lookout for products to try on Google’s feed surfaces–YouTube, Discover, and Gmail–where people regularly scroll through content about their favorite interests

Discover on YouTube

Over 40% of global shoppers say they have purchased products they discovered on YouTube. Reach shoppers in the YouTube Home and Watch Next feeds, whether they're watching videos about products, tagging along on shopping trips with influencers or searching for reviews.

Discover on Google Search

Engage hundreds of millions of people on Discover as they scroll through their favorite topics and stay connected to their interests—no search query needed.

Discover on Gmail

More than a billion active users come to Gmail every month. Show your products to potential customers wherever they’re consuming content in their inbox on the Social and Promotions tabs.

Frequently Asked Q & A

Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords and Google AdWords Express) is an online advertising solution that businesses use to promote their products and services on Google Search, YouTube, and other sites across the web. Google Ads also allows advertisers to choose specific goals for their ads, like driving phone calls or website visits. With a Google Ads account, advertisers can customize their budgets and targeting, and start or stop their ads at any time.

Google Ads works by displaying your ad when people search online for the products and services you offer. By leveraging smart technology, Google Ads helps get your ads in front of potential customers at just the moment they’re ready to take action.

  1. You start by selecting your goal, like getting more visitors to your website or more phone calls to your business.
  2. Next you select the geographic area where your ad should be shown. It can be a small radius around your business or much broader, like cities, states, or entire countries.
  3. Finally, you’ll craft your ad and set your monthly budget cap.

Once your ad is approved, it can appear whenever users in your target area search for a product or service like yours. You only pay when users engage with your ad, like clicking your ad or calling your business.

There are three basic types of Google Ads:

  • Search Network campaigns – usually text form, these ads can show on Google Search results pages when someone searches for a product or service that’s similar to yours
  • Display Network campaigns – usually image form, these ads appear on websites or apps that your customers visit
  • Video campaigns – these ads show right before or during YouTube content

CPC (Cost Per Click) or PPC (Pay Per Click) means you only pay for an ad if someone clicks on it.

Other advertising models include:

  • Cost Per Impression, where you pay based on how many times your ad was shown (not clicked)
  • Cost Per Engagement, where you pay when a user completes a predefined engagement (like watching your video ad)

Your Google Ads cost is determined by your budget settings. Google Ads can work with almost any budget. You’re only charged when users interact with your ad, like clicking to visit your website or to call your business.

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